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Kids Martial Arts Union

My son has been going here for almost two years now and he loves it. Most of the time I have to drag him out. He is doing great and moving up. I love to see him in action. Great team of teachers.

Mitchell M.

Kids Martial Arts Union

As a former student of Shim’s back in the 80’s, I got to admit that I’ve carried a lot of the teachings onto my adult life. I know I’m being bias here, but my love of the school hasn’t waned in all the years of my life.

If the school today still holds on to the same principals that was taught to us way back when, then you can do no wrong in ether attending the school or sending your children there.

Giovanni C.

Kids Martial Arts Union

From the Orta family great school and the staff are awesome great with the kids.

Orlando O.

Kids Martial Arts Union

Absolutely love it here; my son Kristian looks forward to every class. He’s gained new friends, confidence and focus. Best decision for his summer camp program. Thank you to Mr Leo and all of the mentors at Shim Academy.

Shakira L.

Kids Martial Arts Union

Great place and environment. Crew is always open to help with a very positive energy. Coming here to every lesson is a experience of life.

Bryan C.

Kids Martial Arts Union

Shim's changed our lives...Angelo is completely focused and he enjoyed every training!!! We are happy with his discipline and confidence!! Solo buenas cosas han pasado en nuestra familia desde que empezamos esta aventura!!! Thank you Shim's....we are looking for more!!!

Berenice B.

Kids Martial Arts Union

This school has been such a positive help in my families loves. They show compassion and care while building strong foundations in each and every one of their students. When there is room for improvement they let their students know and when they see improvement they praise the child in knowing they are doing better. I feel they have a no child left behind act because I have yet to see Sir Oscar, Sir Hazari, Sir Alex or any other instructor ever give up on any child. This location is more than just a tae kwon do learning center this is our second home and we couldn't be more blessed to say so.

Christina M.

Kids Martial Arts Union

Master Alfaro is brilliant and inspirational. He has an enormous influence and lifelong positive effects on his students. He is also generous and gracious, treating his students as members of an extended family.

Monica P.

Kids Martial Arts Union

Excellent place, my kids have been attending Shim's for several years now, thru the after school program. Teachers have exelent discipline, and the kids repect it and admire it. They have time to interact with other kids while learning Taekwondo. Thanks Master Alfaro, and crew.

Joao R.

Kids Martial Arts Union

Since starting taekwondo at Shim's my son has been more focused and gained confidence!!! So grateful to Master Alfaro and all other mentors!!!

Susan M.

Kids Martial Arts Union

Great school, instructors and staff!! My kids have learned so many life skills and training there. It's more than just a school, it's a family.

Leana V.

Kids Martial Arts Union

A great school run by Master Alfaro who is a disciplined and a strong instructor. He commands authority and the children and adults respect him. This TKD is about community and offers so much more than just your traditional martial arts classes. The facility is good and very large. The instructors are well trained and patient.

Jason V.

Kids Martial Arts Union

Shim's has truly taught me discipline and respect for others. My best memories as a child and teen, was coming directly here after school for every lesson. Shim's has taught me to be confident in myself, to have courage, to protect myself and defend others. Bring your child to Shim's and watch them grow into incredible individuals that society needs.

Adrian C.

Kids Martial Arts Union

This is a great school. I, an adult, have benefited greatly from the knowledge of the instructors. Since January 2016, I've lost about 30lbs and it has been greatly in part because of my training with Master Vin and other great instructors. All instructors and other students have been amazing to me and my growth, not only as a beginner "martial artist", but as a human in general. I've been privileged to see the instructors working with kids and, frankly, I can't see why these kids won't grow up to be great, responsible and respectable adults, mainly because of the training and discipline the receive from Master Alfaro, who is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, and his instructors. What I've learned from them is something that i will have, and cherish, for the rest of my life. Thank you, Shim's Martial Arts Academy

Henry R.

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